Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hi Karen do you still see these old ones being updated?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Missing you already

Friday, June 12, 2009

The final furlong.

Sure what else could I call the final blog on 23 things? I have loved this programme. I loved the security of doing it in work with colleagues. Writing blogs semi-anonymously was exciting and having a reason to ramble about what you are up to is a bit of a luxury! I'm big into top-three lists and listing favourite films, bands on the first day for the blog profile made me think this whole exercise has to be anonymous. I go slightly red when I go public and type the name of a band, book or film. I enjoyed putting these lists together and seeing other blogs linked by their favourites. I admire people who make observations in plain English and I would love to articulate like Ryan T. on the radio but I have local heros too.

Going red but still typing top-three favourite discoveries

1. Lee LeFever's hand waving & explaining in plain English

2. Gordon Young & Stephen Kinsella speaking about Web 2.0 in plain English

3. There are people out there who care enough to challenge subject headings and come up with tagging.

Twitter was my least favourite because some ramblings can become a bit egotistical (ahem). Twitter also highlighted that the social side of Web 2.0 dates very quickly, as author of blog what was written yesterday could be interpreted very differently today.

I think Web 2.0 helps connect with 2009 students I can see tagging, wikis, Facebook, voki, IM, Lee LeFever all being used successfully in our library. It helps that all this is so green and paperless. But being realistic in an academic setting Stephen Kinsella summed it up well; who actually cares what we blog and twitter about but at least we're making an effort.

Dedication and acknowledgement to Powerstation (the library linked horse) who has been first to the Winning post three times since this blog started. Winner alright, winner alright!

Thank you to Helena, Karen and Lindsay for 23 things.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

podcasts and other ways of catching up

Thinking of buying a Roberts digital radio with pause rewind buttons need to do more research on whether podcasts would be enough to feed my radio listening habit. Turning up the radio louder and louder while family are talking is the easiest/rudest way not to miss something in our house at the moment.

Missed an award winning poet's name about 3 weeks ago on RTE 1 advert and promised myself that I would download Theo D. but still no name. Radios are still the best invention. Ever. Radios and cat's eye road markings. Night night.

Google docs and zoho

Excellent idea and lovely explanation from Lee with his left hand waving away at me and it all makes sense even with only 2 min 50 sec imagine trying to explain anything interesting in that space of time. No pressure A and S!!

Sent one small doc using zoho but really have nothing else to share may use in office but could be embarrassing if colleagues realised how often we (I) edit stuff and then never use/send. Could see it working for Library Matters editing and colleagues writing long pieces that need to be cut or enhanced.

Karen do you see every edit i make omg the thought of it i am always in and out of my edits I am using draft option now. the audience is the content and all that spice pity you missed the wonderful talk today. But God bless SK. Enough.
Yep it worked so I've taken them down. Private slideshow at my desk anytime!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

hmmm Picasa pics

Just wanted to see if this worked and sure we're getting near the end I hadn't mentioned de boiys in 11 weeks AND it updates my blog.